To be successful, set an end date on Monday

To be successful, set an end date on Monday

If you decide to quit smoking, set a date when you will become smoke-free. The date serves as a commitment to get well, set a goal, and increase motivation to quit. We have some great ideas to get you started.

Find a departure date that suits you best

Stop on a Monday. Mondays are an extremely powerful tool for ex-smokers to quit and quit.

Pick a date in the next few weeks. Take enough time to prepare. If you quit too early, you may not have enough time to prepare, and a date too far in the future can cause you to abandon or forget about your resignation.

Look at your schedule. Avoid a day or time frame that you expect to be busier than usual. Big events, whether business or personal, can take away time and focus if you stop. If you quit on vacation or outside of your normal routine, it can become more difficult to quit when you return to “real life.”

As soon as you have selected a cancellation date, ensure your success!

Develop a weaning plan and put it in motion. The plan should include ways to build social support, manage food cravings, remove triggers, and more.

Talk to other respondents. Advice from others who successfully quit can generate ideas.

Plan ahead to reward your waiver! Prepare to celebrate your milestones and ease the stress of their effects.

This is a milestone in your life and it is worth every minute to be prepared. By taking the time this Monday to pick a date and create a plan, you will be 100% ready to quit and quit.

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